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Shahid Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili

Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili Father's name: Seyed Mohammad Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۵/۹/۱۵ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۵/۵/۶ Place of Martyrdom: Mehran Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Basij


Martyr Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili was born on 6/12/1966 in Ferdows city and in a religious family of descendants of the Prophet's (pbuh) prophet. He had not yet passed 10 to 16 months from his life when a strange incident led him to death. But it seems that God's will was for him to survive and to be martyred in a great epic, alongside his martyred friends in the operational areas and against the Ba'athist enemy.

By the grace of God, he recovered and successfully passed middle school. He had a large presence in religious meetings and showed great interest in reciting the Qur'an. The secret and need of night and solitude with his God is a narrative of his companions and friends. He was a kind and kind person and never left the Islamic religious and moral circuit.

His love of being on the battlefields and fighting the Ba'athist enemy repeatedly made him determined to go to the front. But sometimes it can't be dispatched because of a few problems. At one stage, due to a fractured hand, he left the convoy, but after many efforts, he was finally able to organize through Mashhad city and be sent to Ahvaz. At this point, he succeeded in participating in Ramadan operations.

Many times, his family wanted him to be in the city and asked him to go back to Ferdows, but he said, "I need more on the front than Ferdows.

He returns home after completing his military service. But it was not long before he was served that the front air hit his head again and he was re-deployed to the operational areas. Finally, on 6/5/1986 in Mehran region, the grace of martyrdom will be achieved. His soul is happy and his memory is cherished.

Source: Directorate of Documents and Publications general office of The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs of South Khorasan

"Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim"

I'd like to be thirsty on the lips when I'm martyring a sip of a drink, and I'm going to die.

In the name of Allah, the Guardian of the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs and greetings to the only savior of the world of humanity, Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and his rightful vice president Imam Khomeini (Raz) and with great peace to the soul of the honorable martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and greeting those who have perfumed the fronts of light against darkness with their supplications.

Brothers, today is war, and the most important issue for our government and our nation is the imposed war, the war that criminal America imposed on the oppressed nation of Iran by its servant Saddam, and it is upon us to fully defend our country and our school, which is Islam, and it is obligatory for every Muslim to go to the battlefield if he has the power to fight, and if he has the power to fight, He does not have to help the warriors with his own property from behind the front.

I ask my Lord to strengthen me in the path I have chosen. God, what I haven't done that I haven't liked you and what I haven't done has been unaware. God, I seek refuge in you with a black heart full of sin.

I'm chanting Nasser Nasser Nasrani and "Ya Ghiyath al-Mustaghithin" if you hadn't sent Khomeini for the support of the society at this time, what situation would we be in now, instead of fighting on the battlefields of the right against falsehood, we would have been engulfed in corruption and prostitution and put our mosques in cinema and like an animal whose livelihood is only food and lust. We considered it the most heinous film.

God, I thank you a thousand times and thank you for sending me out of a sea of corruption by sending a leader to guide this community, and like a child who holds his mother's hand and directs me.

God, blind those eyes that see these things die, hearts that realize these wonders, but always say what the revolution has do for us.

Let's think about this revolution instead of saying these frivolous things and think about war and ask yourself the question of what crime the superpowers have been passionate about us.

Think of the oppressed in Lebanon and the nations of the world how colonialists and looters put them under their boots and plunder their country's possessions and reserves.

Let's think about the founders of the martyrs of this revolution, such as the Navab of the Safavids, the Heavenly Ones, the Rajais, and read the biographies of these loved ones to find out what their purpose was. What was the purpose of Nawab Safavi when he was hanged?

They hoped that you young people would continue their path at this time, not the souvenirs of these criminals and superpowers. Indeed, they are not superpowers, but they are miserable clouds, because they themselves have become miserable, they want to make us miserable, be proud, and blindly follow the tragedies that exist in the material world of the West and arrogance, destroying your future and the nation.

Do you have any idea what a catastrophe they are aiming for with these criminal schemes of the generational subversion scheme, except for the criminals and the self-sellers of the West and the East, whose tragedy is to plunder black property. Even taking away their food and destroying a few million black people every day or every year, isn't it the subversion generation?

Yes, my brother, this is one of the superpowers' plans. As a small warrior, I advise you, brother, to avoid using addictive and burning drugs, why we call ourselves Shia Twelver and Muslim, but in principle we take the deprived from the line of drawing foreigners.

O man, which leader of you and your messenger has said to take drugs, have our messengers and our angels told us to use drugs and with it, need the next generation for criminals or have they said to use perfumes? Brothers in charge of revolutionary committees, revolutionary guards, and military organs, do not let innocent youth fall into the trap of corruption and addiction and gradually fall to death.

Hezbollah's ummah, do not forget the battlefields of the right against falsehood, because you are the brother and sister of our war between Islam and disbelief. My brother, think for a moment whether God created you to be as indifferent to you as you are to Islam, which is in danger and in honor.

Do you think what will happen if you and your kind don't go to the fronts? If we did not go to the front, in the first stage, they took Iran on the assumption of the aggressors, and they plundered everything they could and shed the blood of the people, and the revolution that we have gotten with the blood of the martyrs gradually became dictatorship and colonialism, how much did we betray the blood of the martyrs?

Is it not possible for a man when a man will not be asked when you have made a revolution, the scene of war among you was Islam and disbelief was clear why you were able to remain independent and familiarize yourself with the laws of islam, and then what answers we would have.

Yes, that is the day when you have no way back or the path to salvation, so let's not hope, brothers, that when they conquer Karbala, then we will go. It is good that man arrives in Karbala with hardship and fighting with the enemies of Islam. It is sweet that if we were martyred in this way, the son of Zahra (Mahdi Aj) would put his head on his knees and the angels would celebrate him.

O those who call yourself a member of Hezbollah, but you are essentially cutting off the roots of Hezbollah, come and be on the battlefield of Hezbollah, o those who make your name as Hezbollah in the minds of the people and use the burning of your kind. I swear to God, tomorrow you are responsible for the blood of your martyrs and fellow human beings.

Brothers who have truly understood the danger of Islam, you have understood the hereafter, let us, like Habib b. Mazahers, impregnate our own merits with henna whose color is eternal forever and in the hereafter we will be white before imams and Hazrat Zahra (PBUH).

But a few words for the same-time brothers in the demolition unit:

I ask you to increase your brotherhood among each other and spend your time reading the Qur'an and other books. I ask each and every one of you for solubility, and I have not been able to self-build as I should while I was on the front, but I ask you to try to self-build with divine guidance. Or Al-Husayn (a) liked to visit you with other brothers of the demolition unit and mourn in the courtyard and the contagion, but my god's discretion was to call me to him.

But A few words with my esteemed parents:

I know that you have worked hard for me, but you have to accept that Islam is in danger now, and now that I am acting in accordance with my duty, it has caused me to stay away from you because I have given imam al-Husayn (a) and I pray behind someone who has created another Karbala scene in Iran and how to live and how to fight. He taught us and know this until the front is "Sayyid Jawad Parvaneh Jalili" and if I was martyred in this way I have achieved my long-standing dream and if I am not martyred, I have still followed the path of Imam al-Husayn (a), which is the path to salvation.

But my mother and those mothers who are not,

Your children are on the fronts, remember that when your children were sleeping in bed and you stayed up all night and looked after them. I think there is the opposite of this in society today. Now, your devoted mothers, rest comfortably and comfortably that your ghayour children are fighting the enemies of Islam on the battlefield and heroically rushing to conquer Karbala for you and teach the aggressors of east and west a lesson that is unforgettable for them.

We will show those blind people who call Iranians barbarians, but who themselves are savagely invading our country and killing our nation in the blood and soil, that we are not barbarians and will always evict the barbarians from this Islamic country, which is the supreme leader of Islam.

I ask God almighty for the success of serving Muslims.

Al-Salam Alikum and Rahmah Allah and Barakat.

To my honorable parents.

"Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili"

The text of the will of Martyr Sayyid Jawad Parvaneh Jalili Bismillah Al-Rahman al-Rahim (and La Tahsbon al-Dhin Murderova f. Moustache Allah Amwata Bell Revival Of Anad Rabham Yarzaqoon)) I would like to be thirsty lip May I die at the time of the martyrdom of a sip of Noshm Z- the hand of the leg of Kawthar, greetings to Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) and his vicegerent to Imam Khomeini and with great peace be upon him, the great martyrs of the Islamic Revolution. Brothers and sisters today is the day of war and the most important issue of the country is this important issue. The war that a criminal America, by its servant Saddam, imposed on the oppressed nation of Iran, and we must defend it seriously at this time. Now that I'm heading to the front, I'm very happy to be able to attend this great university. god , you have always been with me , and it was me who fell short before you . God, I have sinned that I have been unaware of and what I have done that have not been liked by you. Gods! O Jabar, with a black heart full of sin and with a passion full of love for you and your Imams, I seek refuge in you and I do not call (hell I am forgiven).) God, if Khomeini had not risen, what would we be in now? If Khomeini had not risen up and did not bring us out of the corruption, our best program should now be the cinema films of the East and West, which would further immerse us in the sea of corruption. Blind the eyes of those who say what the revolution has do for us, you can see that the buds who were engulfed in prostitution before the bloody revolution of February 11th are now heroically fighting against the aggressors and you can see how the countries that intended to overthrow our revolution by using the economic blockade of the revolution, how they are bringing down the demand for economic relations with our Islamic country. Know that this is all about the fear they have about our revolution. They know that there will be a time when the revolution will come rather than when they will be overthrown by their own nation from the royal palaces and oppression and tyranny. But I say a few words to my parents: I drowned in blood, my body, my mother sitting mahdi in the trenches of the mother, if your young man falls apart from his ward, there is no way except his Lord Khomein. He sang instead of his son that he and I, Akbar, your mother, asked me to sit next to that six-cornered grave, but come look at the burial ground of Hussein himself. My mother, my father, I have iqtida to Hussein and I am walking behind the one who created the scene of Karbala in Iran and by which he gave Islam another ornament. I pray for love behind someone who taught love prayers to his children, such as Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar. God, you are the witness that I have only followed in the path of Imam Hussein and martyrs such as Heavens, Rajais, Bahonars, Patience and The Mirravis. God does not water my thirsty throat except martyrdom and I never ask you for it, and I am really embarrassed to say, O God, put my death in my comfort and bed. I have walked in your path and I believe that you are gracious and forgiving. I ask you to forgive my sins when my warm blood is shed in Karbala of Iran and bring me back to the hereafter. My parents, know this until the front is there, javad is and it is not until the front, it is not Javad. Because it is our destiny in this war and it is these young people who must be sacrificed and pave the way for the government of Hazrat Mahdi for generations to come. My mother, and mother, those of your children who are on the front, I tell you (what sweet were the dreams that your children were giving in your bed, and you were waking up all night and always looking after me. Let us and the likes of me stay awake and do not let the aggressors invade our Islamic homeland. God, at that time, sleep was sweet for me, now sweeten the sleep on these devoted mothers and our cheeks. But, O nation of martyr Parvar Ferdows: I ask you to seriously stop the rumors and not let the hypocrites spread their tables because of these rumors, and the other is to always be a supporter of the clergy and fight against those who oppose the clergy. Because it was the clergy and the Imam who awakened the nation and revived Islam. In the end, I ask all the brothers who have been familiar with me for a while and I want the brothers of the Army, who, if they see me badly, will be forgiven and have benefited me from their crime and ??? (Halalm) do. Vul Salaam Signed Martyr Seyed Javad Parvaneh Diary of Martyrs:Blog quotes with Ghodsian and Rosy Kaffan, author of The Memory: Seyed Mohammad Parvaneh Jalili about martyr: Father of the subject of memory: God's will I sayed Mohammad Parvaneh Jalili father of Martyr Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili I have an interesting memory of this martyr and this memory occurred when we had a sandwich shop in The Islamic side of the war one day I saw my son Seyed Javad with Saki Bardoush He told me that I wanted to go to the front, but I did not agree with his departure, and a few times when he insisted that I get angry and put his bag on the gas flame, but I was surprised that Sak didn't even fire a bit into it, I realized that it was something else, immediately gave him the bag and made him happy. His soul is happy and his path is happy.  Interviewee Name: Seyed Mohammad Parvaneh Jalili relative to the martyr: The father of Martyr Khatereh from the age of two, the martyr's father, when they cried when they were in their sister's arms, suddenly fell out of their arms so that his breath was forcibly carried out, when he visited the great martyr on that day, he would see how he was doing that from his magnanimous eyes. A large amount of blood has come and they are in a bad mood that after a few hours of the morning, the great martyr dies. At this time, Shahid's father was working in the furnace to tell him the news of his son's death and they quickly came home and became very upset when they saw this scene. After preparing the shroud for this magnanimous aunt of the martyr, they tell the family members to leave the house, so they sincerely sing Sura Al-Mubarakah Hamd on top of her head 70 times, which suddenly returns to the original state by the divine grace of the martyr's breathing and the sickness effect on the martyr disappears.  

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