Martyr Yousef Qumim

Yousef Qulim Joseph, I'm strong. Father's name: Mohammad Hassan Date of Birth: ۱۳۳۴/۱/۱۰ Birthplace: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۵/۱۰/۲۳ Place of Martyrdom: Shalamcheh Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Basij Karbala 5 Recommendations Of Martyrs


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A film of martyr's body

Biography: Shaheed Yousef Ghaumim was born in 1955 to a religious family in Ferdows city and narrates stories about the sacrifices and benevolence of his father, the late Mohammad Hassan Ghaumim, known as khatib. Joseph, along with the nurturing of the body, benefited from the spiritual and spiritual development of this enlightened father, and the components of his existence, love of God and the truth of the Ahl al-Bayt (a) grew. After completing his primary and secondary education, he continued his education at quchan elementary school, and after completing a two-year term there, he began his military career as a knowledge trooper in the village of Qajarkhil in Sari, where he first encountered the oppression of the oppressors and the suffering of the oppressed. And Kemer closed his efforts to fight against all oppression, oppression, and evil. He fell out with the shah's readers and agents in that area and even threatened to kill him. After completing this two-year course, he was employed in education and worked in one of the deprived and remote villages of Ferdows. In the ears and souls of innocent and deprived rural children, he whispered the hymn of love and freedom and faith. The third year of shahid's stay in that village coincided with the rise of the Muslim people's movement in Iran. Martyr Yousef Quym in that village was the centerpiece of all activities that were carried out in order to enlighten the thoughts and motivate the people against the Shah. He married on 1979/09/1979, resulting in 1 son and 1 girl. In 1980, he was commissioned to found the literacy movement in Ferdows with the help of another brother. During four years of round-the-clock efforts, he was able to raise the torch of knowledge in the dark shabestan of the remotest and most deprived villages of Ferdows. In 1984, he played the greatest role in setting up and opening and organizing the Office of the Republic Party in Ferdows and was a member of the Central Council of the Grammy Division to all areas of the party and its activities. In 1985, he continued his constant efforts as one of the two supervisors of the Teacher Training Center of Shahid Mofatteh Ferdows, and during the nearly two years he was there, there was a candle where students thirsty for butterfly truth circled around him and for perhaps the first time witnessed the embodiment of all the divine values and transcendent attributes they had read in the books. This time, they saw teachers and mentors who were themselves documents of their originality. Martyr Yousef Ghavir gave them a taste of the kingdom of sacrifice, humility, love of the Qur'an and humanity, height of nature and freedom, and fighting against darkness and destruction. Martyr Yousef Qavim enjoyed deep and comprehensive knowledge of islamic worldview and this was the result of years of his study, meeting and research, and yet more than anything else, he was an act and a community. He had warm blood and a heart full of pale and exciting heart. He was never calm and calm and did not know comfort. He had lost himself and his satisfaction completely in the satisfaction of his God, and finally, in the proud operation of Karbala 5, he made heroism and purity his priority and deserved to open a window for him to the kingdom and he would forever stand on the difference between these soils and the souls of the angels to be related to God. Finally, the ascension of his kingdom, his high flight, Tawa Nast, shatters his body and the chicken of his soul rests in the divine blessings. And on January 13, 1987, she was able to take the sweet syrup of martyrdom from her master Aba Abda… Al-Husayn, who sacrificed a sip of it for his entire life, drinks and joins the martyrs, his soul happy and his path is full of monks.

Will of Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim Anna Laleh and Anna Eliyeh Ra'awon after the testimony and confession of god's unity and the mission of Khatam al-Anbia Muhammad (pbuh) and wilaya of Imams (a), brothers and sisters of Hamshahri! Because the motivation of every Muslim to do something great, which also has a social reaction, is better for his friend and acquaintances to be clear so that if they agree with him to adjust their life plan, they will find an experience, however repetitive in front of themselves, so I will briefly explain my opinion and perception of the purpose of life and choice, hoping that it will be accepted and considered, and at least in The building of the lives of the honorable citizens who had connections with me has a positive effect. I have already asked all these brothers and sisters for solubility, and if they had a religion on me, I expect forgiveness, but then my heartfelt belief was that God made man-to-man for this world and gave him the facilities of nature and gave him thousands of high-winning forces to reach a place he did not know except God by guiding his messengers and intellect. From all these verses of the Qur'an, which introduces property and children for experimentation, in every action and thought, the truth and falsehood are raised and the way is revealed, and finally he has been given the freedom to choose the action and the benchmark stone (the action of the Prophet and imams) is specified for us that man must be taken against Islamic and Qur'anic commands expressed by the infallibles and the Ulwalmers as dead. Be under the hands of Ghassal, and in our time what the Imam of the Ummah says is obligatory to listen and act like the obligations of Islam, because he is helped by God and implements what our scholars and imams (our Prophet and the Qur'an) have said. If our knowledge of Islam is enough that we do not need to imitate, then reason will rule because human life is social and a government other than the beginning of Islam is so good that Islam is the ruler of our society, if we do not appreciate and do not follow and God does not want the order of the Supreme Leader to be carried out or disregarded by the Imam of the Ummah and weaken the companions of the Imam. And to speak out against them, we will certainly be responsible for Islam, which has been so hardworking in its preservation since its emergence, and . . . God did not make man so that he would make the world's wealth, but rather a means for man to obey God's command and not to be questioned about his life and life. Man is created to worship and everything in the world must be around this axis. Whatever you have in society, you do not want the law and the authorities to improve your work, but to ask yourself and your work for Islam and the revolution to become your act of God. Always support those you have seen more Islamic commitment in. Do not forget the bittersweet experiences of the revolution, which are considered by thousands of God's guardians, such as Ayatollah Beheshti. The life and work of the world is repetition, people change scenes. As now, the same tribes that were at war with Imam Ali (a) are also at war with the Imam of the Ummah and Islamic Iran. This verse says that "Jinn and Anas are not created except for worshiping God" so that our business and our agriculture are worshipped and our teacher walks the way of the prophets and our student comes to the path of the prophets instead of reciting the line, and our prayers are ascension and God will be satisfied with our mosque and the participation of our believers in prayer. If prayer is accepted, worship is valid or it is nothing. Brothers and sisters are congregational prayers and Fridays for all believers. Fulfill God's obligations correctly, importantly and in a timely manner. Adorn public and private religious meetings with your presence. Understand the political issues of the country that minstles and demons are not dead and will be as far as the world is. Don't hope for the worldly comfort and leisure that the world is a prison of believers. You tell Hussein Zaman's voice in every case that the good and prosperity of the world and the hereafter depends on it. Be diligent in understanding Islamic issues so that inshallah will get an understanding action. God, god, keep Mehdi Khomeini until the revolution, And al-Salam Alikum, Rahmah Allah and Barakat Yousef Ghavim

Memoirs: Quoting the Tasheda website, the first memory of "Martyr Yousef Qayum was one of the brave Basijis of the right fronts against falsehood. I worked with him in training the teacher of Shahid Moffat that because the fronts needed force, I was dispatched to the front and I was supposed to be a strong martyr to do my work, but due to the strong need of the front, my strong martyr's force was also sent to the front after a while when I visited him at the Andimeshk Garrison Mosque. Because he was working with cannon 106, he was deployed to the front in Karbala 4, which after the operation I saw him in Khorramshahr washing his clothes with a dusty face and bloody clothes, and apparently he knew about the martyrdom of his brother-in-law Shahid Reza'i in Karbala 4, and in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, he was sweeping the mosque and was very light late in the evening. it was indicated that he was martyred . Unfortunately, we heard the news of his martyrdom in Karbala 5. After the completion of Operation Karbala 5, which I had returned to Ferdows, we had slept in the teacher training center where shahid Qulim was also the head of the martyr when I fell asleep and asked him what happened to you after the martyrdom, which the martyr said: I can't say all the things come and see the goodness of the war will be over by next year and then you will regret that It wasn't long after a year of war was over. » Narrator: Ali Asghar Baqar

The second memory of Yousef Qulim's wife, in a letter she sent me from the area, quoted a memory: the operation had begun, saddam's forces were still resisting and the road had not been fully cleared. We were stationed on the road and advancing, and at the same time we noticed a moaning noise from the other side asking for help, and I, who was with my paramedics, went from this side of the embankment to the other side of the embankment, and I saw that someone had been injured in the back and all his clothes were covered in blood. I asked him if your wounded brother could go back and get away from the great battles and conflicts. The injured brother said: "I was the commander of the battalion, if I had pulled myself back, the morale of other forces would be weakened, so I had to guide my forces while I was wounded, and I would have been numb while leading the forces forward so that I could not shake myself. I did the initial work on his wound and then sent him to the back of the line. Narrator: Sedigheh Rezaei Zal


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