Shahid Mehdi Nadmi

Mehdi Nadmi Mehdi Nadmi Father's name: Abbas Ali Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۴/۲/۶ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۲/۵/۱۰ Martyrdom Site: Mehran Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher Unit: Basij    

The will of Martyr Mehdi Nadmi Bassem… Al-Rahman al-Rahim, God, while I am on a divine mission, I ask you for help and I swear to you that I will always and until the last breath in your holy path and to help your religion strengthen and help John Berkow in your path, may God help me to leave this important as worthy of excellence, O God, you witness that I have not walked in this blind path blindly. Since the day I recognized you as one, in my heart, a spark of Muhammadi faith erupted, and I joined you, and I have a conversation with my family at this moment, while your child walked in the way that Hossein Sarwar Shaheedan walked, with you a few words, you raised me and you may have suffered through history, but you are not tired, the health of the wind, my greetings, I say my message to you. I tell you to make me lawful and I tell you, family members, lest you shed tears after my martyrdom that the enemy will be happy, I ask you to be Hussein Var, Zaynab Var, who humiliated the enemy in mourning and humiliated you as well. Although I leave you, our lifetime was short, but what should have happened was that it should be joined to the highest publicity, I ask you to be like the fathers of the early Days of Islam and the mothers of the revolution who walked in the way of God to this day, but you, my brothers, I went, brothers, and I ask you to continue after me, which is the way of true Islam and Don't leave the Imam alone, but how many words do I have with you, do I ask you to be patient and patient like Zeinab var and lest it happen after my death, will there be a consensus on your faith? Be firm and stable as a mountain that finally the truth will prevail over falsehood and our owner will come and avenge our blood, in the end I ask all my friends, brothers and acquaintances that if you have received the slightest disrespect or persecution from this humble, forgive me God be your companion and helper in the hope of winning the right against falsehood and your servant Mehdi Nadimi. Dated 18/4/62


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