Shahid Mohammad Reza Palnari

Mohammad Reza Palpellari Mohammad Reza Pal pantheri Father's name: Abbas Ali Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۵/۱۲/۲ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۴/۱۲/۴ Martyrdom Site: Faw Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Guardian Of a Video of Martyr's Body


Mohammad Reza Pal panjari was born on February 22, 1967 in Ferdows. After his childhood, he continued his education in his hometown.

Mohammad Reza's adolescence coincided with the luminosity of the revolution and the beginning of the Islamic Revolution movement in Iran, and he actively participated in revolutionary activities. After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the beginning of the imposed war of the Ba'athist regime of Iraq against our country, Mohammad Reza was 15 years old when he was able to attract the satisfaction of his officials and his family and was sent to the front for the first time in 1982. Mohammad Reza's first appearance in the operational areas coincided with the epic of the Conquest of Khorramshahr, and he also starred in the saga. After a while, he came on leave and re-determined the war zones, and this time in July 1982 he left for the operational areas of Kurdistan. After his mission in Kurdistan ended, he returned to his hometown and was on his leave when the Holy Treaty of Marriage was signed. After a while, he went back to the war zones and operations, and this time he went to the Operation Sumar area. There he requested the transfer to the demolition unit, but he joined the special company, Tharaullah (AS) on the orders of the commanders.

Mohammad Reza was present in the operational areas for a long time until he finally drank shirin martyrdom syrup during Operation Valfajr 8 and in the FAW operational area. He was martyred when he had successfully completed his mission as a diver of the destruction of Chi, and after the operation he was assigned by the commanders of the mine-laying mission against the invasion of enemy tanks. After being transferred to his hometown, the body of Pak Shaheed was buried in his arms.

In a letter to his brother, Shahid Mohammad Reza Palantani wrote: "My brother, I ask you not to forget to pray for Faraj Mr. Man, Imam Zaman (aj) and for the lifetime of Imam Ummah. I ask you to pray that God will give me the success of martyrdom. I want God to give me the success of martyrdom as soon as possible, because I am tired of this world. I hope that all of us will follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his successor, Imam Ali (a.s.) and die with love for them."

Text of Martyr Mohammad Reza Pal pantheri's will

Come on… Al-Rahman al-Rahim or Ayha al-Dhin Amnwa Hel Adlkum Ali Bajarat Tanjikum I torment al-Yam Tomenoun with… And the Messenger of the Mujahedeen fi Moustache… Bamulkum and Anfuskum Dhalkam Khayre Lakm Ann, our procrastuation. Believers, do you want me to guide you to a profitable business that will save you from the painful torment of the hereafter? if you know . (Holy Qur'an, Sura 10 and 11) Thank God for his utmost grace and blessings to this humble servant and I have the honor of fighting in the stirrup of Imam Mahdi (AS), the true commander of the right fronts against falsehood, along with martyrdom, and I ask god for forgiveness and good prayer from believers and I witness God that what I say as a message in this article is a feeling and obligation. I declare my path and my goal and all my warriors and fellows. Our school is the school of Imam Khomeini, and our way is the path of the rightful vice-president of Imam al-Mahdi (a) of Imam Al-Ummah al-Husayn al-Zaman. I consider obedience to his orders as obedience and we sacrifice souls in the way of his purpose, because obeying the orders of the Imam is eternal bliss and procrastination in A" is the weakness of faith and the fear of those khazlan and the autumn. You, the faithful student brothers of the brothers of Islamic associations, inspired by the Imam of the Ummah who have reminded the need of the society to the faithful and committed experts, firstly read the lesson as an assignment and know that the path of cultural independence, which according to the Imam is the first condition for independence, depends on the seriousness of divine preference of educational centers, especially universities, is realized and this can be achieved by continuing your education. Brothers can be done, of course, the lesson should not prevent Islamic propaganda and presence in the scenes of the battle of right and justice against oppression and corruption, and from all of you, the Ummah of the Party… I want you to come to the hereafter a little bit and be proud that God's help and forgiveness included you. Take the clovy of the journey and the call of trying among you has been given to answer the Imam. Do not hold your heart captive in the world and imagine your life as unstable and try to return to God with the luggage of obedience and servitude, a luggage that is in power in this day. Because in front of us are rugged ridges and frightening ambushes and we have to go through this path and (this world) is a crypt in which we have to stay temporarily and death has seen so much that it is as if his grasp is deep in his life and caught in his chains. But addressing the world's difficulties has kept him out of sight. So you take the heart out of the mansion of the world and empower yourself with the luggage of faith and piety. People, the truth is nothing but that the world is a passage and the hereafter is a long house after your passages for your places of luggage and take care of your actions, especially be careful of your own language that most of the sins are from the tongue, avoid lying and slandering and make the piety that the grace of God includes us. But father and mother have nothing to put on your feet instead of the hardships and hardships of your precious life that you have spent on me except the width of my health but answer my question, how did you want a child from God? Are you not happy that you have returned the trust of God and presented a small gift to the Islamic Revolution? So be thankful to God for accepting your unsustainable gift, and be silent that God loves the saber-rats, but my wife apologizes to you for not being a good husband to you while you were with me, and I always left you alone and went to the front and you were alone, I had no choice, because I could not stay away from God's friends. And I couldn't bear to impose myself that I would be at home and some of those pure people in the trenches would be under the fire of cannons and mortars of the enemy, and it was god's grace that was given to this humble servant that really if it is love, if it is faith, it is on the fronts and if there is prayer and spirituality on the fronts and if there is peace and intimacy. And sincerity is on the front. People, I want you to go and see with your eyes these unseen reliefs and god's blessings and understand that that's when you can't stand de Roshahr, I'm going to go to prison whenever we come on leave, and it was worse for me than prison, and I was willing to be on the front and in the most difficult situations, but I wouldn't come to the city, but father and father. My mother, wife and brothers and sisters and you, my people, my relatives and friends, do not prevent you from crying, but cry to the martyrs of Islam and to say to the martyrs of Imam Hussein (AS) that such a cry is worship in the sight of God almighty and I ask all of you to make me lawful and be gable from me. In the end, pray for the health and longevity of the Imam of the Ummah and pray for the victory of the warriors of Islam and for this humble servant so that God will forgive my sins. God, god, until the revolution to Mehdi Khomeini, keep the woes of Alikam and Rahma… And Barakat Mohammad Reza Pal pantheri


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