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Shahid Mohammad Rezaei Zal

Mohammad Reza'i Zal Mohammad Rezaei Zal Father's name: Ahmad Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۴/۶/۱۷ Birthplace: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۵/۱۰/۱۹ Place of Martyrdom: Khorramshahr Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Basij 5


On September 20, 1965, he was born in a multitude of whispers of prayer and in the tenderness of honesty, honesty and simplicity of parents, in Ferdows, Moludi for Islamism, sacrifice and scientology. He was named Muhammad. Muhammad's curiosity and insidiousness from his earliest years occupied him for hours regardless of his surroundings. Observing the father on the sajda spread out in the mosque and resorting the mother to the house of 'ʻIsmat (a) made him familiar with the mystics of existence and creation and prepared for the growth and promotion of his future personality. Every moment of his character's development was pregnant and was a great and sacred caw. Due to his extraordinary ingenuity and talent from the early days of his academic endeavor, he was always one of the teachers and teachers in primary, middle and highschool.

Muhammad was dignified and heavy and did not speak until necessary. In his contents, he was so deep that his friends and some relatives raised scientific issues with him. High intelligence distinguished perseverance in the learning of various sciences, especially Arabic and Qur'anic sciences, and from otherpeers.

He finished his primary and secondary education in 1978 and in these years, by studying kata at different prices and above his age group, he understood the concepts of struggle, jihad and Islamic currencies, and therefore, he participated actively in student demonstrations in the courses of schools, until he entered high school and, while studying his lessons properly, took seminary lessons, including languages. He also studied Arabic with a regularprogram.

He meditates on all his textbooks, but he pursued Arabic more to learn and master the Holy Qur'an. Mohammad High School was the culmination of various political movements that, despite the many green gardens, never deceived the crooked ones and, to the deep credibility of their losses in the context of islamic currencies, continued to constantly preserve the achievements of the Islamic Revolution.

In 1983, with the end of secondary education, his fate had to be determined differently. He had achieved the necessary success in the field of "dentistry" of Mashhad University and also in the entrance exam of Imam Sadiq University, he chose Imam sadiq (a) to study between the twouniversities.

He was also distinguished at Imam al-Sadiq (a) University. He himself said that I listened to the news of Iran in Arabic and at the university we try to speakArabic.

He was also fluent in English. He was proficied in Islamic education and politicalissues.

At the University, knowing the need of the Islamic Republic to thinkers, deep thinkers, scientists and veterans, he tried to use all his power.

He was a student who believed in the unity of the seminary and the university. During the imposed war, according to the sense of religious duty and labik to the call of Imam al-Ummah (a) and the need of the Islamic Republic, he was sent several times during his education to the battlefields of the right against falsehood and gained his grace from the battlefield of jihad and the fight against the enemy of God. In these circumstances and in Sarnoosh Tsaz, his life, due to his full knowledge of the culture of martyrdom and sacrifice, he had voluntarily joined his comrades' brothers in the Intelligence and Operations Unit, and in terms of proficiency in Arabic, he was able to pay his religion during the mission to thewar.

On January 14, 1987, Muhammad had taught him to perform and meet his beloved in the early moments of Operation Karbala 5 in the Island of Bouarin, east of Basra and shalamcheh axis.

Truly, the world is the farm of the hereafter that muhammad's root was formed in the world and the shaking of his flower in the hereafter, or better to say, in paradise and in the multitude of divine blessings and the holy souls of prophets, imams and divine guardians will be.

The text of the will of martyred student Mohammad Rezai Zal al-Ehmani Asilek an Terzaqani murdera fi sabilak under the wright of Nabik Ma'a Oliak and Isilak N. Narration Bi-Adak and A'ida Rasulak Sali A… Against and Aleah and Salm, once again, god's grace included his humble servant and he succeeded in attending the gathering of Warriors of Islam and soldiers of Imam al-Mahdi (a) and in Jha fi Moustache A… chewing company . I thank God or you for the great blessings that you have bestowed upon me, and I want you to make me worthy of this grace so that he is diligent and successful in fulfilling his duty and taking a step in the way of the conquest of Karbala and the holy shrines, however insignificant, and by your will, God for Abd Salehat Rumi al-'Azm, but the evening of Baqiyya… I am accepted to be a soldier of Hajjat ibn al-Hasan al-Askari (aj), May God make us all successful in laying the groundwork for his uprising, God, or as soon as possible the warriors of Islam who are fighting for the promotion of Islam and the flag of La Ilaha illa… And Muhammad Rasool… They are all trying to win the final victory of Ata, so here I offer a few words as wills. 1- I advise you, loving parents, to keep in mind God at all times and to make your own divine piety in order to prosper in two worlds and to have patience and patience in the way of the right and to endure problems and hardships for the sake of God if… I was given the success of martyrdom, patience and patience, and know that the world has always been accompanied by calamities, and with patience and patience, problems are made easy and God will reward. Remember the plight of Hazrat Ababeda… And be the other guardians of God and ask God for patience and patience so that God's blessings and mercy include you, dear brother and sister, and I also advise you, dear brother and sister, to take care of God's piety and to take care of your actions and to make your dear time for perfection and nearness to God use your opportunities and your lifetime in your lessons and actions, so that you can be sincere and proud for Islam. Be aware that you are in this world to gain virtue for yourself and with a hand full of this world, and be pure from sins and be adorned with good morals and character of Hamida and be sincere and remember in all the present, be God and the Hereafter so that inshallah… redemption . 2- I sincerely say to you, dear parents, that I sincerely thank you for your unforgiving efforts and the tribulations you have suffered for our upbringing, and if I have failed and sinned against you, and I revive your resentment and distress, forgive me, ask God for forgiveness and mercy for me and pray for the forgiveness of my sins, and my dear brothers and sisters. I ask you to forgive my mistakes and yours and ask God for mercy. 3- Regarding the money, books and tools I had in the previous wills, I mentioned only here, while I am placing my father's will, I say about 5,000 Tomans 5… I have money in the university, which is 1,000 tomans by a friend of mine named Mohammad Reza Zeinali Beyk and 2,000 Tomans by Mr. Amir Rasouli, a fifth-year student of propaganda who was taken for him by Mr. Bayat, the rest of the money is inside the wardrobes of the university inside the velvet cover of the Holy Quran about these money, which is mostly from the front money and the university tuition money and the money that my father has given. And so far, I have neither paid for the money nor for my books Khums, my dear father, by referring if it is necessary to take others as appropriate or donate in good works such as the Grand Mosque of Imam (A.S.) and use the books in any way fits or my brother or provide them to the university library or student friends also mention about my fasts and prayers in the previous will. I just have to say that this year I have not fasted for about 18 days during the holy month of Ramadan, which should be judged. 4- The previous wills are two, one from 1984 and the other is April of this year, which is inside a folder on the lower floor of the university books that they see that in the end, while thanking their dear parents and brothers and sisters, I ask all our friends and acquaintances to forgive our mistakes and ask God for forgiveness for my sins. May God put us all in love with His mercy . And at the end of the fight, Nlah Alhamd, Rab al-Alamin and Salli A… Ali Muhammad and Alah al-Tahirin al-Hama sal Ali Muhammad and Al Muhammad and Ajal Farajham and Zanda Mohabatham and Ahsharna fi Zhamratham. Mohammad Rezaei Zal

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