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Shahid Mohammad Hossein Ayman dar

Mohammad Hossein Ayman dar Mohammad Hossein Aymandhar Father's name: Gholamreza Date of Birth: ۱۳۲۹/۴/۱۰ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۰/۹/۱۷ Martyrdom Place: Marivan Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher Unit: Revolutionary Guards


Shahid Mohammad Hossein Ayendar was born on 11/07/1950 in Ferdows city and was martyred on 8/11/1981.

The javid and bloody epic of Karbala, which after a long and long time has been imprinted as an adventurous scene at the height of history on the tablet of time and as a manifestation of the true manifestation of the element of faith in the camp of lovers of light and truth, as the centerpiece of the values of movement and the motive of the collapse of the palaces of oppression and the axis of the wrong and the evil and the demon of the evils of the times on the front of the aerators of disbelief and indifference, It was recorded in the world's press, the roar of the revival of prophetic law and the embodiment of the anger and uprising of the Alawite family and the disgraces of the usurper Umayyads on the tarek of the day and have become the composer of sonnets in the maslakh of love. Does the speculator who waits in the thirst for love, the soul on the lips and the wish to join in the end of Ferdows, the sweet nectar of martyrdom in the palate and the journey through happiness in the passage of death, a path other than Ascension? Hell, Nasser Nasrani? On that messianic tail of that Imam of Light, the teacher of martyrdom who wrote such a servo in the blood-colored breadth of Nineveh on the hearts of his companions that he did not recognize his head and eagerly walked into the great of the beloved joiner. Today, the Takbir of his mirrors in the Ashuras of our Islamic Revolution, as opposed to Dhariyah Hussein (AS) in the plains and red hills of The Species of Karbala in Iran in the south and west line, is a witness to muharrams . . . let's look at the sacrifices of his followers, who inherited the tradition of sacrifice from Hossein Viranesh.

Shahid Mohammad Hossein Ayman dar, son of Gholamreza, was born on 11/07/1950 in Ferdows. He went through childhood and childhood with difficulty. In the early years of his life, which on the one hand was accompanied by the violence of nature, such as drought and famine, and on the other hand, the poverty of the family, which was the product of the turbulent conditions of that era, and the delicate spirit exposed him to the songs and naveb, and the necessity of that time, they sowed the seeds of evidence at the center of his existence in order to bear the burden of sacrifice and resistance in the adventurous tomorrows and futures, and with the ability to do so. Moving towards the Kaaba of Amal, it was found from the very beginning that among its fellow human beings the thumbs up would be such that the more he grew up, the more the traces were diagrammed. The first few years of life were accompanied by a series of developments within the family. He had a virtuoso nature and his curious spirit constantly made him know more, but unfortunately, despite his enthusiasm for learning science due to the poor conditions of life, he did not achieve much success in this regard and only attended the fifth grade and since then he left school because of financial problems and he was raised in the lap of a well-established mother and pious mother and all these issues of patience and patience. His forbeardy in the face of different scenes of life is doubled. In the end, he became successful and proud of the events of Dahr in the maze of life and embraced Homay Bliss and joined the eternal dead. Long before his childhood and adolescence, Shahid Ayman dar, with his hard work and efforts due to the extraordinary problems and problems he faced, tried to provide for his needs. Despite his low literacy, he had a great spirit and mind. He was very kind and affable and could be said to have a place in people's hearts. He was completely bound by religious practice. He cared a great deal about religious gatherings and circles, and at these times he was the leader. He had a special interest in the Ahl al-Bayt (a) of infallibility and purity. Therefore, he actively participated in religious gatherings and circles. When requiem and requiem were recited from imams, he became obsessed with crying and all the flares of his existence were lovingly ahl al-Bayt (a). Even to the servants of Siddiq Islam and the monks of the way imams had a special devotion. During the explosion of the prime minister's office, which resulted in the horrific martyrdom of Shahid Rajai and Shahid Bahonar, upon hearing the news from the radio at 14:00 p.m., he wept and was comatose and immediately transferred to the hospital and regained consciousness in the morning and expressed his hatred and disgust at the hypocrites and the foreigners who committed this horrific crime. he started his social life with hairdressing . Therefore, he worked as a hairdresser for a long time and was a bath worker for a few years. In spite of financial difficulties, he began to enforce the divine tradition of marriage in a family of piety and hardworking. The result of this marriage, which took place in 1968, was three sons and a daughter. After working in the bathroom for a while, Shahid chose a third job for himself and was working in a spinning factory. Because he was a resilient man and was firm in the face of sufferings and sufferings like a mountain, he was able to live his life and this effort and his movement and awakening caused him to get acquainted with the Imam long before the revolution, and when the flames of the revolution and its slopes had spread to Ferdows, he was involved in propagating the Islamic Revolution and introducing the face of the regime. Pahlavi's bloodshed spared no effort and stepped in the path of revolutionary activities and was arrested once. After the victory of the Revolution, he abandoned the spinning factory and enthusiastically wore the sacred uniform of the guard and carried out all the missions with his heart and soul, and in addition to the combat training, no pressure could discourage him and endured all the problems for the sake of the right, three times he was sent to the front, first to Saqqez, second to Abadan and the last time to Chenareh. Marivan. When he was injured in Abadan and was in the hospital, while listening to Imam (A.S.), he wept violently and said, "God, did I not deserve to be martyred that you did not accept me?" after being discharged from the hospital, had not yet fully recovered when he returned to the front and finally, at 30/11/11, on 17/11/1981 in Chenareh Marivan, due to a direct gunshot wound to the left coat. his long dream came and he embraced martyrdom . His psyche is happy and his path is full of wind.

The Text of the Will of the Revolutionary Guard of Martyr Mohammad Hossein Aymandar

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim and La Tahsbon al-Dhin Murderova fi Moustache A… Amwata bell revival of Andrbahm Yarzaqun: It is believed that those who have been martyred in the way of God are dead, but they are alive and they will eat in the sight of their God. Now that, with God's help, I have determined to fight the enemies of Islam, and with only my winning weapons and weapons, i.e. believing in God, I will go to the right front against falsehood, and I ask God to show me so much perseverance, faith and strength that I will fight against blasphemy and fight against blasphemy and destroy the enemies of Islam and the Holy Quran and destroy them from the door. I ask that in this struggle, the complete victory over the enemy's forces should be given to us or the honor of martyrdom in the way of Islam, the Qur'an and the revolution, inshallah… Because God says: "Ansaro…  I'm moving and registering my actions. I ask my religious brothers and sisters that if we fight the enemy of Islam on the front, you have something more important behind the front and that fight against the fifth column of the enemy such as the hypocrites, nationalists, liberals, westerners and orientalists and ………  And the disagreements between the gossipers and those who want to hit the revolution in any dress or any position and in any way create dissatisfaction and make you pessimistic about Islam and the Islamic government and led by the leader of the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and I swear to God that you know the magnitude of this dear and compassionate leader, Imam Khomeini, and from the advice of the vicegerents. And his orders, which are the orders and advices of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) which they have said at the beginning of Islam, obey and obey the committed and responsible clergy (verse a… Heavenly, verse a…  Khamenei and Ayyah A…  Hashemi Rafsanjani ( and other verses of 'Azam and Hajj al-Islam and all those who are in the line of the Imam and strive for the Ummah of Islam and the advancement of the Islamic Revolution, support and do not let them beat them because then it will be the imam's leadership. I ask my parents and brothers and sisters and my children that if I become a martyr. Do not cry or weep for me because he has chosen martyrdom consciously. If the essay… I became a martyr and I achieved my long-standing dream to leave me next to the graves of other martyrs in Ferdows.May God grant us success, Al-Salam Alikum and Rahmatullah and Barakat Mohammad Hussein Mirrored 9/3/60


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