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Shahid GholamHossein Imani

GholamHossein Imani GholamHossein Imani Father's name: Mustafa Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۲/۱۱/۳ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۴/۱۱/۲۱ Place of Martyrdom: Bouarin Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Basij 5


Shahid GholamHossein Imani was born on January 23, 1964 to a religious family from Ferdows. He completed his general education in his home city until 1983. After obtaining a diploma, he decided to be recruited in the Islamic Republic Army, which has successfully completed all the selection processes, but at the insistence of his family and intolerance of his stay away, he refused to go there and the following year he passed the national exam and was studying in teacher training in Ferdows. While studying, according to his belief and faith in the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Imam Ali (a), he joined the Basij of twenty million and was sent to the right fronts against falsehood in two stages. The first step was for 45 days and cheers returned to the family's arms. In the second phase, during Operation Valfajr 8 on 11/01/1986 in The Island of Bouarin, Iraq, he was missing and after ten years of waiting for his body, he was buried in The Paradise of Akbar in Ferdows. One of the moral characteristics of the martyr was that he was very modest and humble. He helped all relatives and relatives in all matters without any regard. They witness this claim by friends, neighbors, relatives, and relatives near and far. Another characteristic of this was that he loved the Imam and the wilaya and did not value the world and its properties. This is clear from what he said and advised his family in his letters. Somewhere he says, "The world has no value, and these past few days, the world must be kind to each other and with feelings and affection. His soul is happy and his memory is cherished. Source: Directorate of Documents and Transfers of The General Directorate of Foundation of Shaheed Vavar Veterans of South Khorasan

The text of Martyr GholamHossein Imani's will now that I am dressed in combat and heading to the battlefields of the right against falsehood, I need to bring a few words as a memento on paper that if I am martyred inshallah, some people will be impressed by reading this will and not let my arms stay on the ground, so I will begin. "In the name of Allah, the Guardian of the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs", "I am taqlid fi sabeel Allah umwat" but the revival of Volkan la Tash'eroon "The Holy Qur'an" "Do not say that those who are killed in the way of God are dead but alive, but you do not understand."All flowers and loves, all cups and kisses, are mortal and mira. Death stands with all the particles in the world, especially human beings, meaning all cups and loves, staring at everything and everyone with unknown eyes is horrible and horrible, and its continued presence makes the place bitter and unpleasant. Plants also die. But they have a vital hope again, but a human being without any hope of returning will go from the world of flowers, wine and love, and will be immortalized in the heart of dark soil, even though thousands of pains and dreams I have decided to dispatch in this sensitive situation where the fronts need blood, of course my pain is the pain of religion and my dream was the victory of Islam over global disbelief. I came to silence the drunken arrogance that comes out of saddamian's throat and suffocate their voices in my throat. I came to be a remedy with Sham for the parents and all the relatives of martyrs and the disabled, the missing and the captives, I came to prepare the ground for the emergence of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and I want to cut the hands of The Ba'athist disbelievers from all over the world, bury them in the dustbins of history and send them from there to the depths of hell, asfel and al-Saflin inshallah. And in short, I want to implement all the rulings of Islam on the ground and finally, neither tyrant nor oppressed, because I mentioned the name of the oppressed, I rememberEd Imam Hussein (AS) who said that one day he said that if you do not have a religion and you are not a Muslim, at least be free man that this speech of Imam al-Husayn (a) revolutionized us and I said to myself I am Muslim and I am free to stand up then why, if the water is in one place for a while It is unmedicided, and I will move back to human beings, and I will help the religion of God. Yes, we are no longer afraid of death, the testimony of our lover, do not scare us from the lover, I have chosen my path and I will continue on this path, I will roar and move forward and now that I am going to have a speech with the Iranian people and my teachers, colleagues, friends and citizens, even though I am too young to message for a nation, but my word to the nation is this. Unity, unity, unity of the dear nation as they know that the victory of this glorious disabled revolution is three things, one of which is the unity of the people, so don't let the conspiracy of the enemy destroy your unity and the second is the leader that we see that at critical stages with the message of this great leader, all the people go to the fronts as a caravan and destroy the reputation of the enemy and his supporters, and the other is the school that The enemy, with colorful tricks, wanted to take away our religion and make us a religion, but he has called on the blind nation to keep the unity and know that the enemy is always ambushed and I ask the respected teachers to forgive me for the time that I have been earning grace from them if God has not asked me to do evil which has caused their opacity. But, dear students, who are cultural leaders of the society, try to lead the society well and be a social model that if your unwanted God deviates, the country will deviate, so try to move in the divine path that you are the rails of a train, but dear friends and citizens, if I have treated you in the lifetime of God and you have an opacity from me, I hope you will be honored. Forgive yourself and any of me or something else you want to go to my parents and take it, finally I ask my relatives not to leave my parents alone and try to always know their mood, but my dear mother, father and sisters my message to you is not to cry over my death because I chose this path myself. I went this way consciously, and if you want to cry, remember Ali Akbar Hussein (AS) and noon on Ashura day and do not let the enemy be happy, my mother and father do not think that because I am the only son in the family, your life will be shaken by my departure, but you must be stronger, even though you have four sons, this one remains for you and it may be difficult for you, but this Know that God is the helper of the believers, you know, I was a trustee in the hands of you and you were the trustee, and may God's mercy be upon you that you kept this divine trust well and well, and whenever God wills, I ask our sisters and son-in-law not to let my old parents be left alone, even though your love does not go out of my heart, but Islam does not go away. It is more important to forgive me anyway and be satisfied with me, and if I have mistreated you during my life, then I ask my little sister and other sisters to keep their hijab and perform Islamic issues well and always pray to the leader's life until the emergence of Imam Zaman and my family to fast for me for about three months if I am martyred. And pray for a year and bury my body in The Garden of Akbar and do not forget the Qur'an, recite and pray for the victory of warriors and the lifetime of Imam (a) and finally write to you a word of Imam al-Husayn (a). We are nurtured in the lap of dignity and gentleman, and the rule ripples in our souls and souls, and honor commands us to open our arms for death. (You never fear anything, you are fighting to preserve Islam.) Hossein Imani 15/11/1986

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