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Martyr Sayed Ali Adl

Sayyid Ali Adl Sayyid Ali Adl Father's name: Seyed Mohammad Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۳/۴/۱ Place of Birth: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۷/۴/۱ Place of Martyrdom: Baneh Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher Unit: Jihadist


Jihadist Sayyid Ali Adl was born in Ferdows city in 1964 and successfully completed his high school education at the end of secondary education and the beginning of the imposed war has been repeatedly present in the war zones and has paid considerable service to the trenches. At the end of the mission, the city returned to the country and participated in the islamic azad university, the field of roads and buildings was accepted after the end of the university's education to serve the deprived. It became Orumieh and the considerable actions that had gained popularity among its people, Martyr Adl had a warm attitude and a warm attitude towards the voice and the will that in every encounter of the people, he had a deep weimani about the endowments of the honesty. As mentioned above, during the war, according to the needs of the Place of Urmia, he and a few engineers are sent to the war zone and the division of the resistance begins to trench that during the stay in the region according to his comrades, a moment of service and remembrance of the servants begins. It was not a lack of time and an autocracy that was carrying out combat and combat duties against The Ba'athist enemies, so that at the headquarters of Hamza Sayyid al-Shahdad, the 67/4/1 was martyred as a result of the protrusion of the Ba'athist enemy's cannonballs. The moral characteristics of the martyr was a good-natured young man in Everyjalssi, where Budahel made the Majlis happy with his speeches, and he was more eloquent among the other children than any other, and I tell my other children how good it was to learn from Shaheed Ali Aqa. You loved Imam Khomeini, he was a disciple, overwhelmed with the commonality and behavior of His Majesty the Imam. Ali was a good boy, I had a good son of Oradost, my dear-hearted, they said that before the deposition for noon prayers, he had prayed that the bullet attack of the Ba'athist enemies had brought him down and he was martyred (crying his father)


His father's memories of Him when God gave Ali to Madad from his early movements were clear that he was a brave child and my family had six boys, daughters and teachers, which Ali from the rest of the children seemed to be prominent, Ali Agha, a few years from the beginning. It was not long before he was infected with the dangerous disease of Typhoid that we took him to Mashhad for treatment of Oraz fardous and it was so late that we went to the lap of Imam al-Rida (a) to heal him and his satisfaction was fulfilled. Ali was a kind and affectionate boy, especially respect for his parents, his brothers and sisters considered me a good attraction, and everyone was throwing friendship plans, his friends did not make urahan at the end of his university education, which was a post-graduate degree, went to Jihad Sazandegi and spent military careers in the construction world. His game was not over when he was martyred in the Kurdistan region (around the policeman). The memoirs of his brother Hadid (Seyed Jamal Adl) His brother, Ali, obediently the father-in-chief never acted against their will.My parents are satisfied with Ali. God is satisfied with Ali (crying brother) Ali Agha was a pleasant boy, God had given him a larynx that could repeat the voices of all people, and so he would hear religious tapes and the same tapes like that. The same voice that was played out of his own, the days of his martyrdom and his testimony on the love and good quails they had from Ali came from distant cities to congratulate the family. When ali's body was brought and I went to Meraj to visit and kiss Ali's face, his face was raised in the event of an explosion and the bullets of the ball or the wounded car cannon, the gusts of his shirt were raised as he was being martyred while performing ablution. (Crying his brother) My sister's memoirs Of My Brother Ali (Mansoureh Adl) I have many memories of the love of Haushukh's natures will not be forgotten, he was very good-natured in the field of lesson assistance and other assistance he gave to other people in the family from Virtuoso had superiority, we all used his being, he was very interested in divine worships, and he had dreams that he would form a family and attain the position of divine proximity, which his martyrdom wished for his proximity. Participating in revolutionary marches and revolutionaries, he made recommendations regarding Badars and Hojab to us that we would do his advice, as my brother said, at the time of Chafee's martyrdom in the neck, he put on a military uniform and raised the austins as if he had been martyred when he was martyred, confirming the orders of his brother. Some of the wills of the martyr "It is the best time to look at things as wills, because the survival and survival of the life at hand is capable and whatever the divine will is, it will be. Last night, while I was away from my stepbrother, I fell to my parents who have suffered for me, and the teachers and teachers who have passed on a lot of intellectual developments to me actually have a very big right to my neck and I pray for all of them. A special servant of God is the one who acts according to what he says, with the appearance of religiosity and appearance of the work before, I ask God to give me what my good and peace is in it, May God protect the Imam and the leader of the prophets and give the Muslim nation of Islamic Iran the success of righteous deeds and the protection of the blood of the martyrs. » F16/1 Amin Yarb al-Alamin Ali Adl

The Text of Martyr Sayyid Ali Adl's Will

I have come to the front for a few days, as if every Muslim should have a will anyway, but the front is in a different mood and in other words, the front is spectacular, not audible. I feel that the best is when I look at things as wills, because the survival of omar is in the hands of the powerful and capable of a powerful revelation, and whatever god's will, it will arrive unwillingly and without delay. Last night, in addition to the various thoughts that had invaded my mind, or my parents, who are now far away from them, I was resurrected in my mind, and the efforts they endured to nurture me, I think I would hereby be willing to make me lawful if I could not serve them for their great suffering, because that was part of their brothers and brothers. My dear sisters, who are always in my heart, also apologize and ask for my legitimacy. I apologize to the high-skilled professors and teachers for whom I owe my intellectual development and I have a problem with them from the grace of God almighty. I have many friends, all of whom I am satisfied with, and I always remember them, and I wish that they forgive me and be satisfied with me, god will give them all a good reward from all those who read or hear my wills and I beg them to retreat from the bottom of their hearts with their God when they go home and know what they are saying and doing? Because I think whatever it is, it's not speech. God pays attention to what we do, not what we say. try to make actions the same as our speech . A special clause of God and a true Muslim is one who acts on what he says if not by pretending to be religiosity and appearances. Therefore, I am unable to ask my God for what is good in it, guide me to all my survivors and also to my friends and fellow citizens and hope for good deeds and the end of good. God bless all Muslims in the world, especially the patient and tolerant nation of Islamic Iran, the success of righteous deeds and worship and servitude.‹‹Amen or Rab al-Alamin›› Sayyid Ali Adl of Ferdows Khorasan – 1988

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