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Shahid Hossein Dabbagh

Hossein Dabbagh Hossein Dabbagh Father's name: Habibollah Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۷/۱۱/۲۶ Place of Birth: Birjand Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۵/۴/۱۰ Martyrdom Place: Qalawizan Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher: Basij

Text of martyr Hossein Dabbagh's will Come on… Al-Rahman al-Rahim Felicity f. Moustache… Al-Dhin Yashrun al-Haywat al-Dania is finally the believer of the moustache… His fate, Yalb Fassouf Nuiteh, performed the greatness of Sura al-Nisa verse 74, the believers must fight in the way of God, even though they have removed the ordinary life of the world to the hereafter, and whoever is killed or conquered in jihad for God should be forced to pay great reward in eternal paradise. Greetings and infinite greetings to the holy shrine of the same brilliant assar of the imamate and wilaya of Imam Zaman (aj) and vice president of the imam of the Ummah hafez al-'Allah with greetings and greetings to all the scholars of Islam, especially Ayatollah Khomeini and with many greetings to the spirits of Tayebeh martyrs, captives, missing, wounded, disabled and victims of the imposed war and greetings to the families of these loved ones. Their patience has put a strong punch in the mouth of all the counter-revolutionaries and all the supercrimes of east and west, and with infinite greetings and greetings to the nation of Martyr Parvar of Iran and greetings to my great father and mother better than my dear brothers and sisters, thank you, you know my sin and know me better than myself, God, you know and you know my insistence you know my sins. Lord, God, lovers, if it were not for your mercy, and if my sins were not hidden before the people, people would never have let me in their community. Baralha came to you with a load of sins and I ask for forgiveness for you, Arham al-Rahmini and you, Sattar al-Ayoubi. God, if you do not forgive my sin to whom I go to whom better than you, greater than you, dearer than you, more generous than you, kinder than you, God, I am a creature of my sin, confess my sin, and I ask you to say hello to the special right of cloak and other imams of the infallibles… Against and rightly those close to you and those nightlifers, forgo my fault in passing through my sins and do not punish me for your sins.God, I hope this humble servant, sinner, will accept the humble among your lovers on the fronts for the sake of the sincerity and sacrifice of warriors to give me the grace of martyrdom. Now that I am ready to fight and now I am with the warrior brothers, I needed to say a few words as a will to you, the nation of martyrs, although the humble sinner does not deserve to make a will to know that our will is the advice of the Imam. I ask you compatriots to maintain unity and unity among you as in the early part of the revolution, and to avoid division and hypocrisy and not to let the party's ummah… The division really arises that you are the martyred nation of Iran can be educated because you are always and everywhere and whenever you are on the scene and inshallah… To help the Imam more steadfastly and determinedly than before, I ask you to give your energy to please… Consume and do not become pessimistic about this revolution because of materials and obey the velayat-e faqih. Qalullah Ta'a'ayat or Ayha al-Dhin Amnwatou… And I ask you not to prevent your children from going to the fronts, that if God forbid you are prevented, you will be arrested on the day of resurrection and you will be in the sight of Fatima Zahra (a) of Russiya and at that time do not expect intercession from Aqa Imam Hussein (AS) sometimes look at yourself and see what you are doing for God or other than God and calculate. Do your actions before you are calculated . Tahasboa before Ann Tahsboa. I would like young people who are already reading this will and have never gone to the front to go to the Basij in Esr-e-Zaman and register to go to the front because it is a pity that no one will participate in this holy war, I say to yourself it is after you die that you will regret that you will come to make those material blessings and the spiritual blessings that this spiritual blessing will be. There are only a few wills with you, my parents, before I start the will, I have to tell you to forgive me about the persecution that I have done to you and you are passing through my faults that perhaps god almighty with your forgiveness my dear parents have passed through my faults and sins. My great father and mother know this better than my life, while you sent me with your two hands, on the day of resurrection, you will be proud and proud before Fatima Zahra (PBUH) and you will say to Fatima Zahra (PBUH) Fatemeh Jan at noon as Ashura we were not the call of Hell I, Nasser Nasrni Hosseinti Labik, and now that we are our son for the help of Islam and the Qur'an The corner of Aqa Abi Abda… We sent al-Husayn (a). My great father, although it is hard for you not to be there, but wait in this hardship that God says in the Qur'an that I am with you saberin. I consider my existence to be yours better than my next mother, because you trained me in your lap and I also learned the lesson of love and faith from you, and yet you have gifted me to the owner of the whole family inshallah… May God bless Jamil and great endurance. My dear brothers, I hope that you will be one of the future builders of the revolution and servants of Islam and that divine successes will always include yours, and I hope that you will not let my weapon stay on the ground, you should take my gun and continue the path of the martyrs. My kind sister, I hope that with patience and perseverance and your words, you will continue my path that Lady Zaynab (a) continued the path of Imam Hussein (AS) with patience and perseverance and her scathing words. Father, you must do the same thing that Imam Hussein (AS) did in the face of the martyrdom of Imam Ali (a) and your mother and sister should do the same thing that Lady Zaynab (a) did for the martyrdom of her brothers and children, nephews, you should also say that all the clouds of crimes will tremble on themselves, but you, my brothers, should do what Imam Al-Husayn (a) did. In the face of the martyrdom of Hazrat Abolfazl (pbuh), he gave. John's father and mother did not even cry for me if you wanted to cry for me do not cry for the event of Ashura, cry for that day Mr. Abi Abda… (pbuh), and read the plight of Lady Zaynab (a) because these are the rawdas and calamities that make man aware of himself. Perhaps this way he will serve to develop science into my Islamic country, where I must say that I beg you not to take it small. Father John, bury me in Ferdows. Meanwhile, my mother, I have 15 days of ghazaa fasting, I ask you to take 15 days of fasting for me and pay more atonement and pray for me as much as you can and pay some money as much as you can because I can't remember to owe someone, in the end I have to say to my parents whenever you open the way to Karbala and go to Karbala. We gave the martyrs to Aqa Abi Abda… Al-Husayn (a) and say that our son would have loved to include your hexagonal grave, but now he is ahead of us. Father, the important thing that has already come to my mind is that for funerals and anniversaries and so on, spend as much as you can to get as far as the breadth and be careful not to waste and do not grieve too much for such ceremonies, God himself will fix everything and do not pay attention to the wounds of people's tongues that curse God on those who wound the families of martyrs. Again, I say do not hold a lame ceremony. Those who went to do something Hosseini and those who should do zainabi like they should do something and Salaam Alikam and Rahmatah… And Barakat Hussain Dabbagh

Memories: Quoting the site of Tasheda, the first memory of the night (65/04/10) when the operation began and the Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps succeeded in winning, Hossein and I were stationed on the hill 173 and we were digging the trenches, the amount that Kandam Hussain got tired of and said this side that I am doing is very solid. lets replace us . I said it was okay that as soon as we replaced us, after the moment a bullet fired directly at the enemy tank, advancing towards the hill, exploded next to the trench, i.e., the same side that Hussein was, so that I couldn't see anywhere in the middle of the dust, and after the moment the dust fell, I saw Hussein from the head of the case. he was hit by a shrapnel and he fell prostrate in the middle of the trenches , i lifted him up . His lips shake, and the next moment, he goes to the… Attachments. Narrator: Habibollah Dabbagh

The second memory of the night of Operation Karbala, a comrade ahmad Aga Khani who has been martyred, his soul came happy before the martyrdom of our house and was very, very upset about his martyrdom and did not talk about the fruit and tea we brought him, did not eat. we said : tell me about hussein . you were his same old and adoptive brother . Hussain told me on the night of the operation: "Ahmad, I will be martyred, go to our house, from my parents who are safe, but console my brothers and say that your son was martyred. Whenever you go to Karbala, say my greetings to Mr. Ababeda… (AS) And say that my son would love to hold your six-cornered grave, but now he is not among us. Narrator: Mehdi Dabbagh

The third memory of the time Hossein was sick, we took him to the doctor. The doctor said: 'He has heart discomfort and you have to operate on it. If you want to act on him. To take it abroad, it's 50 percent good and 50 percent doesn't heal. But it's hard to act here. The other is that if he stays so tall, Hussein, who had heard these words, told me to go to the shrine of Imam al-Rida (a) so that the gentleman would heal me. During the school holidays, I took him to the shrine and got involved. When we came, I said to him, "You have healed, and so have you." When I took her to the doctor for the second time, she said, "She's healthy and she's okay anymore. When they brought the martyrs, he told me, "How good would it be, I would grow up and grow up and go to the front." I told him: "Don't grieve, mother, you will go to the front and you will be martyred." And he went to the front at the age of 16. Narrator: Batool Tavassoli

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