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Shahid Aminollah Mollaie

Shahid Aminollah Mollaie

Father's name: Tahir Date of Birth: 1342/05/15 Place of Birth: Village of The Open Valley Date of Martyrdom: 1982/10/21 Place of Martyrdom: Sumar Burial Place: Bazar Valley Service Unit: Sepah

Memory:I:Love and:He:Love! One of my best friends, whom I encountered once, was studying at AbuZar High School, a teenager named Amin A… Mollaee)or in our words the villages of Khorasan who use the name of the person with the name of his father, (Amin A… Tahir! He was good-looking, humble, bashing, hardworking, turbulent and from the village (Open Valley). Usually, "behind the wall of high school, or in the words of the children, the wall of AbuZar went away and, in its own loneliness, stared far away. He was looking right at where Mr. Elmi's bakery is now, and then he was at the end of the city of Sarayan, and from there on, it was all farm and desert! When the end of the class bell ate, at the distance that Haj Agha Arabi Nazem high school, he would turn on the radio behind the loudspeaker to broadcast the news on the front, I would sneak jim and go from Amin's shop, which was located at the corner of the upper square, the current Quds Square, I would buy gum and soda and stuff. It was on the way back that Amin… i saw it there in the same state of loneliness and thinking . Once or twice, Haj Agha Arabi turned green in my way. Once, he hit my hawala and said, "I'm afraid you won't reach the Kaaba of Arbabi Kin,' which you are going to Turkestan! Then to Amin… He pointed and said, "Learn, boy! Instead of Jim shaw on the street, go watch nature! Anyway, speaking of Amin… Is. i said he was a kid from the village of open valley . 20 kilometres from Sarayan I am also a kid (Dagger) located near the open valley. The two villages are well-weathered but do not have a middle school or high school. That's why I'm Amin… And his two cousins, Mohsen and Camille, had come to Sarayan to continue our education. Meanwhile, I was from a relatively prosperous family, but it seems that Amin's family… It didn't have much of a definition. I've heard a lot about it, but I don't know which ones before or after his testimony, such as walking all the way to the janitors and the open valley with worn shoes and tubera containing supplies during his week. The holidays also worked in Kalateh-e-Juran, which is owned by his father Tahir, and at the time of the adhan, according to the shepherds of the open valley, adhan was there! With the brief money she earned, she bought her sister a headscarf. To be honest, most of the news was told by my father, who used to boast polite and diligent children and threaten me to be like them, but others would say that especially his friend GholamHossein Arefi had interesting memories of him. Arefi defined that the days of Amin's revolution… He threw imam's announcements into the house of the anti-revolutionors of Sarayan, according to him, when Amin… He was still young and debated with the Army of Knowledge of the Open Valley, who denied God and said that man was a descendant of the monkey! Akbar Assyrian Mu'azen Open Valley told me that one morning he went to the mosque early in the morning to say adhan, there Amin A… Seen with red eyes full of tears and amin… he begged her not to tell anyone as long as she was alive . According to him, Amin A… At night, he taught the Qur'an at night in the mosque and was so familiar with the Qur'an that he mentioned the mistakes of the sheikh mahal. To this day, as I am telling his story, personally, with Amin… I didn't have any food, but the day he came to the dagger to take flour and I had seen him with the same humility, peace, humility and joy that always had in his face . . . the interesting thing is that many of the people I have dealt with have been convinced of my memory, but the brief memory of the familiarity with Amin A. i will never forget . The fact is, he had a strange catch. I've always felt homesick since the day I went to Sarayan. For this reason, I wanted to have something with him that raised him in the eyes of others, including (Haj Aqa Arabi) and I needed it. Sometimes you get a feeling that the cause is unknown. That's why on the day that he stood and sat in his world, I went to Amin's shop and showed two packets of gum. I wondered if my friendship would squeeze me. My heart was going to him, but my mind drove me back. At that distance of 100 meters between me and him, I was inundated with thoughts and feelings. I'm terrible at my heart, our blood type doesn't break up, he's good at morals, while I've had a lot of glass! As much as I had come to Sarayan for reading, the people of Khonj had said: From now on ten will be safe!I do not have a middle jihad and front, just the opposite of him who has gone to the front two or three times and this last time a mortar has dug up a big piece of his leg meat!I tried to convince my heart that we have two different worlds and to make friends we have to have one. to be sacrificed to another leg . Of course, the interpretations I'm using are now, not the last two or three years, but the truth is, I'm saying. anyway , at that moment , i had double feelings . In short, in those moments, if Amin… He didn't see me giving up on the decision and I was coming back, but he came to me with joy and joy. Greetings to me, kordochanan warmed up so that there was nothing left of my heart a few moments ago . In my own world, I took the gum out of my pocket and made it erratical, and he laughed and put it in his pocket. To keep talking, I asked, "What are you doing here?! He said( (Hamid Agha have you ever fallen in love? He knows a lot about me. I asked: Have you heard anything?! He said, "How about?" I said, "Nothing." Of course, I didn't hate to continue talking about marriage, but Amin… Reacting to my words, he laughed kindly and said, "(No problem, don't worry! ! ! I'm in love too!)) when he said that, I felt like we've been friends for years. i liked his intimateity . I thought in that self-awareness that Amin… I really fell in love with a girl and said, "So when are we going to have cookies?" he said : later . I asked: Now the essay… Who are you going to marry? He laughed again! I thought he didn't want to say his name, so I didn't insist, but I asked, "By the way, why do you come here and sit alone?" He said, "Well, it turns out, I said immediately, I realized, now that I'm writing my memoirs, it makes me laugh because I was all that far from the stage. But I give myself a right, because until you get the taste of true love, at that age, how can you understand that beyond love there is love in the world. He realized that I was too distracted by the issue, so he changed the subject and said, "Come on for now." I'll tell you everything later. I didn't know it was going to be our first and last visit. The next day, Amin A. he went to the open valley to prepare for his eternal journey . His fourth and final deployment was that weekend. But just four months after our first and last visit, he promised me everything. He said: "Who is on his side and why he was solitary behind the wall of Abu Dhar?" In fact, his entire will was my answer. Especially the last one that wrote: (Read my will from the loudsheft of the Open Valley Mosque! I would like to reach the mountains, rocks, earth and heaven in which I saw the manifestation of God since childhood!). When his body was buried in a coffin decorated with the holy flag of the Islamic Republic, I had just learned that his love was true and that my love was false. His love was pure and pure, and my love was hypocrisy and the emptiness and finally his love had a hadith and my love was the language of the rut! Narrator: Hamid Reza Arbabi quoting Tasheda

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