Names of Ferdows Martyrs

In order to preserve the martyrs' works and survive the memory and path of those loved ones, a collection of wills and pictures of the martyrs of Ferdows city, which was given to members of the religious board in Muharram this year, was published on a website. Dear families of martyrs and friends and comrades of martyrs are requested to send as they have written or memories of martyrs to reflect on the Internet.    

Martyr Mohammad Hossein Ayenehvar , Martyr GholamHossein Adhami , Martyr Mohammad Ali Ashouri ,Shahid Hassan Ayadi, Shahid Hossein Ivani, Shahid Abbas Ali Avarjeh, Shahid Mohammad Amir Mahboob, Shahid GholamHossein Imani, ShahidValiollah Haphazar, Shahid Valiollah Akhroo Mohebbi , Shahid Javad Amin Mahboob , Shahid Mahmoud , Shahid Mehdi Houshmand, Shahid Mohammad Reza Lady Khankouk , Shahid Hashem Bakhshayesh, Shahid Mahmoud Bikiezadeh, Shahid Abdul Razak , Shahid Engineer Abdola, Mohammad Parsa Son ,Shahid MohammadReza Palpalgi, Shahid Hossein Palpalgi, Shahid GholamAli Taghvaei,Shahid AliAkbar Khavand, Shahid GholamHossein Khalilnia, Shahid Alireza Derakhshan, Shahid Mohammad Reza Dabbagh, Shahid Hadi DadrazJavan, Shahid Hossein Dabbagh,Shahid HosseinDelkhah, Shahid Gholamreza Radmard, ShahidSeyed Hamid Rahimi, Shahid Mohammad Reza Zal, Mohammad Reza Zein al-Abidinezadeh , Martyr Isa Skandi, Mohammad Shakouri, Martyr Seyed Ali Saeednia,Martyr Parviz Sharafi , Shahid Mohammad Hossein Sheikhizadeh,Shahid MohammadHassan Sheikhizadeh,ShahidAhmad Sharafi, Shahid Mahmoud Sabouri, Shahid Mehdi Sabouri, Martyr MohammadEbrahim Saleh, Shahid Ahmad Saber, Shahid Seyed Javad Saba, Shahid Seyed Mohammad Tabasi, Shahid Ahmad , Shahid Gholamhossein Ezzati, Martyr Seyed Ali Adl, Martyr Mohammad Reza Fakhar Javan , Shahid Majid , Shahid Yousef Ghavim, Shahid Javad Kavousi, Martyr Hossein ,Shahid Ali Mohammadzadeh, Shahid Hossein Mohammadzadeh, Seyed Abolfazl Mir Jalili, Shahid Reza Mir Jalili, Gholamreza Mazdestan ,Martyr Seyed Hassan MirRazavi, Shahid Javad Mir Razavi,ShahidAzim Motevalli Habibi, Shahid Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi ,Shahid Mohammad RezaMostamand, Martyr Seyed Mohammad Ali Mehrdad , Shahid Hamid Reza Maleki,Shahid MahmoudNikoodel , Shahid Mehdi Nadimi, Shahid Ahmad Nadimi, Shahid Javad Nazeri ,Shahid MohammadHassan Hoveyda , Shahid Mohammad Sadegh Yektannejad, Martyr Mohammad Esmaeil , Shehid Mohammad Ebrahim Fayyazian, Shahid Hamid Reza Maleki, Mohammad Bagher Kargar Mohebbi, Shahid Seyed Hassan , Shahid Alireza , Martyr Seyed Mohammad Hojjati , Martyr Aminollah Sadeghi, Martyr Seyed Ali Hatami, Martyr Alireza Esmaeil Kamal, Martyr Mohammad Reza Dehghan,Shahid Khosrow Taghizadeh, Shahid Ali Asadi, Martyr Mohammad Reza Dashti , Shahid Valiollah Tajali,Mohammad Sadegh Esmaeili Bron , Shahid Ali Dadkhah, Shahid Gholamreza Parsandi Boron,ShahidSeyed Kazem Aghaie, Shahid Gholamhassan Hamamy, Martyr Seyed Javad Parvaneh Jalili,Shahid MohammadAli Khoridi, Shahid Mohammad Kalukh Hossein, Shahid MohammadHassan Baradaran, Shahid Barat Amini Khankouk, Shahid Mohammad Hossein Safari, Shahid Ramazan Hajari, Shahid Gholamali Vatanparast, Shahid Mohammad Nafysi, Shahid Mohammad Ebrahim Nazari, Shahid Gholamreza Nazari, Shahid Hossein Najafi, Shahid Mahmoud Nazeri,Shahid MohammadAli Nazeri, Shahid Mohammad Reza Meydan dar, Shahid Seyed Ahmad Mahmoudi, Shahid Ali Akbar Mohammadi , Shahid Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi Baghestani,, Shahid Mohammad Taqi Gomnam Khankook, Shahid Mohammad Hassan Kabiri , Shahid Habib Kamelbaroun, Shahid AliKazemi Khankouk, Shahid Mohammad Ali Kargar, Shahid Ebrahim Gholizadeh,ShahidReza Ghorbanian Sarand, Shahid Abdolrahim Ghobadi, Shahid Mohammad Taqi Fayyazian, Shahid GholamHossein Gholami, Shahid Ebrahim Ansari, Shahid Alireza Arabi

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