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Shahid Hossein Deleran

Hossein Delouq Hossein Delyk Father's name: Mohammad Ali Date of Birth: ۱۳۴۷/۴/۱۵ Birthplace: Mashhad Date of Martyrdom: ۱۳۶۶/۱/۱۸ Martyrdom Place: East Basra Burial Place: Ferdows Dispatcher Unit: Basij

The biography of student Shaheed Hassan DeloutiHostin was born in 1968 in a religious family in Mashhad. From childhood, great works were visible in him. He was not very interested in children's play and was far from childish encounters and malice. He successfully completed his primary education in Taybad and a guidance course in Ferdows. At the time of the Revolution, although he was 12-13 years old, he participated in the marches continuously. Hassan Saul had successfully passed high school in 1982 and on 26/07/1982, after training, he beheaded the Kurdistan region. In the summer of 1982, "Hassan" went from the existence of counter-revolutionary miscreants for 75 days with other comrades to clean up the Kurdistan region. After returning, he went back to class and studied with great effort and high grades. Finally, the second year of high school ends and as soon as the last exam of June, the day of Hassan's dispatch to the front arrives and along with forty people on 11/3/62 for three months to the west of the country and during this time he participates in operation Valfajr 2 and 3. On 05/06/1984, he leaves for the south region and from there, he is sent to the west region to participate in the science of liberation of the heights of Kalleh-e-Ghandi and the outpost of two Rajai, and together with his other comrades, successfully conquers this operation. Despite the end of the three-month mission, before the start of Operation Mimk, commanders ask him to stay on the front for a while and participate in Operation Mimak, and Although the academic year has come, he will participate in the mentioned science and, with the help of his associates, will win and honor another islamic party. Finally, on 14/11/1984, after the completion of the operation, he returned from the front. Two months had passed since the academic year, and Husayn, despite blaming some thinkers and dissidents, began to compensate for the backward lessons with great efforts and seriousness, which passed all the first 3rd exams to high grades and surprised his friends and teachers. After completing the fourth year of high school and participating in the national exam of universities and teacher education in 1985, on 17/5/64, the way of the war zone becomes, the news of acceptance on the front reaches him, but he decides to stay on the front for more prepareness. He realized the great importance of the physician on the front, especially at the time of the attack, and had closely touched the trauma of the medical shortage to the combat forces. Therefore, after returning from the front on 1/11/1986 for his qualitative and higher service to the revolution, he made a very serious decision to continue his education and also in the field of medicine and studied full time and with great effort and in this regard, he said, "I must be accepted in the university and certainly in the medical field and with a very good rank, because otherwise I would be blamed and neglected. I am a hypocrite, and this is not my only reproach, it is the blame of all those who go through classes to preserve Islam and the Islamic Revolution, and they step on the blood front, and eventually they are accused of laziness, incompetence and escaping from lessons, and my failure in Conkor is the serpent of the revolution, and the outstretching of the hypocrites' language over the students of the Front" in the 6th year exam. The manifestation. After participating in the test, he rushed to the front. Participation in numerous operations had given him a strong and powerful spirit and at the height of his sacrifice and sincerity Yaf decides to go to the intelligence and operations unit and play an effective role. Therefore, after completing the exam, Conkor immediately left for the south region and successfully passed a diving training course. After this complete diving period, Hassin participates in operation 4 and 5 in the southern region. In October 1986, the results of the national exam of universities were announced and "Hassan" with a high rank in the field of medicine at The University of Tehran is accepted. In order to register in due course, he returns to Tehran and immediately returns to the southern region and after participating in Operation Karbella 5 on 5/01/15, he is discharged from the relevant military unit and in late February to continue his medical education in Tehran. It wasn't 20 days before He started studying at the university that Hassan returned. On 15/03/12/1986, Hassin will step on the front for the last time and participate in Operation Karbella 8 on 08/04/18 in Shalamcheh-centric Kanal-E-Mahi area as deputy head of the line-break diver group. In advance, the group moves until they reach the enemy's forces at the nearest point, and Hassin advances a little further towards the enemy's strongholds because of his confidence and security, and enters the enemy's canals and is finally martyred inside the channel by an enemy grenade explosion that was thrown at him.

The will of Martyr Hussein Arbitrari Bismillam… Al-Rahman al-Rahim al-Hamd laleh Rab al-'Alamin after the praise of the Lord of the Universe and the Creator of the universe and many greetings before Imam al-Mahdi (a) and the viceroy of Imam Khomeini and greetings Pouhan Pak, the great martyrs of Islam , I am fully aware of the verse "Anna Laleh and Anna Elia Ra'an" with his will and with full knowledge of several other warriors in the Islamic front against disbelief. And I was always ready to give my indecent life in the way of God wherever and whenever he was destined, and for me, the greatest honor and glory is that I deserve to be martyred, because the martyr will be forgiven for all his sins and placed near God and his life will be exchanged for heaven. Alham al-Razaqani . In a few days, there will be an important operation… Our unit will participate in this operation. I am spending the best moments of my life and I am very happy to see the proud uniform of the Soldier of Islam in my footsteps, thank God I thank you for all the honor you have given me, the trenches of Shalamcheh for me the highest and most beautiful places and embankments in my eyes have the best scenery in the world. The same people who enjoy their company and the perfume of their tails brings me the smell of heaven. Thank you, God, you have a powerless intellect and my tongue does not have the ability to thank you and you know and know what is going on in everyone's mind "Anneh Alim" Bazat al-Sadur » All brothers, comrades and fellows of the fronts and bastions of school and high school and university and religious brothers I order to be pious and command good and forbid evil and pay more attention to the orders of the Leader of the Revolution from the smallest Do not pass on the issues of defending Islam and pass through the materials as quickly as possible so that you are always at ease and graduating. Beware of the hypocritical behavior and the absurd and unfounded words of the world's religion-goers. The love of the world is the source of all deviations and miseries, the blessings of the world that God has created for us, according to the orders of Islam, and never consider the materials and glamour of the world as your goal. I order my dear brothers not to neglect education. I recommend my dear sisters to taqwa and maintain the hijab. My great father and my caring and honorable mother – firstly, be satisfied with me that your satisfaction is the first condition for reaching god's proximity and martyrdom in his way. You have made me great and what suffering you have not suffered and I owe you and God will pay for your efforts and sacrifices" Ajorak A… Khayra, my loving parents, if I have attaeen the great fuse of martyrdom, know that your efforts towards the upbringing of your child have been accepted by God. And if you do not find my body, on the Day of Resurrection, the day when all the servants will be gathered, they will be welcomed by you. Do not neglect to read the Qur'an and pray. Our great asset is faith in God and the reliance on his lysal power – I ask you, the people of Ghayyur, to always be the helper of the Imam and the revolution that you will win. Al-Salam Hussain Al-Ariq 2/10/1986 Shalamcheh Service Unit: 21st Division of Imam Reza (AS) Battalion of Noah

Memories: Quoting the site until the martyrs of The First Memory of Hossein came on leave after Operation Mimak, we went to school together to continue our education, one of the teachers who was not happy with the revolution told Hossein: The children of the warrior are lazy students just to escape the lesson that the front is going that year Hossein studied so much that he was accepted with a high GPA and then went to university. Narrator: Ali Akbar Yari

The second memory of Hossein was injured, and after he was discharged from the hospital, we went to Ferdows. Near hussein city, Bond opened his hand and hid him under his coat and asked, "Why are you doing this?" He said, "I don't want the fighters who are heading to the front to see my bandaged hand weaken their morale." Narrator: Mohammad Ali Delileh

My child's passion for learning the Qur'an was strange. After coming from school, he would take himself to the Sahib al-Zaman Mosque before 2:00 to attend a koran revajed class. He said that the spiritual of the mosque, in addition to reading the Qur'an, would familiarize us with the religious and political issues of the country. His (martyr's mother)'s approval was the strict approval of the faqih province and was repeatedly involved in the medical school for defending the province. He went to the front nine times to obey the province's command and finally fulfilled his dream. The resentment of my son's father was too bound not to offend others. He never wore new clothes during the Eve and said that they did not have my friends, they could be upset. Suddenly one of his friends came home and took him to the basement of the house. Then I asked, "Why didn't you raise him?" He said: "My friend's house is not that good and he may be upset that his (sister-in-law's) duty was very much going to the front and he would only come to Ferdows to hold exams. When I asked him why he had gone so many fronts, he said, "Are you not a Muslim! You have not heard the imam's message! Didn't they say don't leave the fronts empty! So we have to go to the front. The spirit (father of the martyr) of my son was strange to send to the front and after he was injured on the front and his hand was bandaged, he became a way to Ferdows. He approaches Ferdows and opens his hand and hides under his orkett. When I asked why. He said: "The fighters were on their way to the front, and I didn't want to see my hands bandaged, their morale would be weak. My brother's prayer (martyr's brother) would never have been stopped even though he had achieved high scientific knowledge and was taking his doctoral documents. After I was injured and I was in the hospital and he came to see me one last time, he said, "Do you recite your prayer every day?" I said yes. Whatever it is, whether with my team or with the abwaning of jabirah, I will recite my prayer and say, "Recite your prayer with the congregation as much as you can." The lazy (friend of the martyr) Hassin was serious in all his actions and duties. Once, after Mimak's operation ended, we were on leave and went to school to continue our education. Then one of the debbies, who was not happy with the revolution, told Hassan: "The combatant children are lazy and go to the front to escape the lesson, And Hassan studied so much that he got a high GPA in June and was accepted to the university.


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