Shahid Ahmad Nadmi

Ahmad Nadmi Ahmad Nadmi Father's name: Abbas Ali Date of Birth: ۱۳۳۹/۵/۲ Birthplace: Ferdows Date of Martyrdom: ۱ ۱۳۶۳/۱۲/۱۲ Place of Martyrdom: Horalhuizeh Burial Place: Ferdows Unit Dispatcher: Basij Ahmad and Ahmad and Mehdi Nadmi Mehdi Nadami[/]


Biography of teacher Shahid Ahmad Nademi

He was born in Ferdows city in 1970 and in the lap of his faithful parents, the speck of his existence was accumulated and nurtured with the god and the habitat of the Prophet Muhammad. He finished his education in The City of Fardous and in 1979 he participated in the teacher training exam and accepted it at the Shahid Khorshid Teacher Training Center in Mashhad and was one of the most active and religious students of the center during his education. In 1983, Ferdows started his education recruitment. And all the innocent and fascinated students of Islam and spirituality gathered around him, and he, given his mystical and spiritual state, ignited the flame of right love in the lives of these innocent children. One of the characteristics of this great teacher was his excessive fascination with prayers and supplications and worship, and he used every option to sedate his God and Najwa Varaz. This state of his kingdom can be clearly seen from the letters he wrote to his relatives and from his very valuable and mystical will: God help me now that I have walked in your path so that I can take a small step in the way of my Islamic armas and at all times remember you and for you and give myself an instantaneousness because remembering you is a calming heart. i have not moved in this way except for your sake . . In addition to his will, he told his teacher colleagues: "The teacher brothers who have the training and training of the Nunahalan of the Islamic Revolution try to have Islamic ethics and behavior, so that these future builders are a faithful and committed school of Islam. If, inshallah… We will advance in cultural terms, other nations will not go under the yost of colonialism, no superpowers, no supercriticals. Self-helpers who are involved in the education of the Islamic society try to get to know the Islamic encyclopedia. Make students interested in the study of Islamic books and do nothing to lose the fruits of the burned rajai and bahonars. This heartbroken and mystic teacher in the winter of 1984 rushed to the fronts of the light to take his own words to remove the weapon of his martyred brother on the southern front, engaged in a desperate attack with the Army of Disbelief in the Hor al-Azim area and flew to his lover like a lightweight pigeon and achieved a high degree of martyrdom. happy soul . Al-Salam Alikum and Hammat A… And blessed.

The text of the will of Martyr Ahmad Nadmi or Aytha al-Nafs al-Muta'imna al-Arja'i eli Rabbazieh Marzieh Fadkhli fi Ebadi and Dakhli Jannati (the last verse of Sura al-Fajr) greetings to the pure soul and spirits of Tayyeba of martyrs bar al-aha I wish you a demise and I ask for the friendship of any action that causes your closeness and friendship. God has given me the power to give you the spirit of trust in you, and I entrust my actions to you, satisfied with your commandments and your commandments, and submit to your command. In these critical moments and destiny, God finds it very difficult for me to leave the pronoun of my heart what is going on on a sheet of paper as a relic. Because I remember being somewhat inconceivable and moving, with little time. Lord, please give me some success so that I can tell you a little bit of the enormous responsibility that I have on my beginnings. oh god , you are so kind and gentle . I swear to your glory, your greatness, and to Your Jebrot, if you have not forgiven me so far, forgive me and all my relatives and all Muslims. because your adjective is forgiveness . God, if I can't overcome my forgiveness and sin, I will make confessing my sins a means of forgiveness. God, you know how much I loved my father and how much I loved them all and I tried not to cause anyone any discomfort. now a few words to my dear father . Father, I don't know how and how to describe and describe. I confess that I am incapable of your love and effort. The kindness you have given me during your lifetime and you have bought every suffering in your heart and soul. I swear to God I am ashamed and I am blessed before God that I have not been able to repay one for all that love. My father, now that Dicker is short of this world. I hope that in the hereafter you will be proud of Imam Al-Husayn (a) and take a pilgrimage to this world from the intercession of Imam Al-Husayn (a). My father, although I could not be a good child for you, but I promise that I am proud of this religion and this school and my honor to you, Father, who trained me as he deserved so that I could help Islam with my last greeting. And you, my brother Mahmoud, if I can't give the right to brotherhood, you will forgive you. Mahmudjan you and all of you have a great right to my neck that I have not been able to make amends and I ask God the Great to give you all the success of worship, obedience and righteous deeds. If my father brings my body, bury me wherever you see fit and make a grave face for my brother Mehdi who was in love. And again, I ask all of you loved ones not to be upset if I have seemingly hijrad from among you, because I have achieved great happiness. Although it is expensive for you to tolerate. I ask God to grant you great patience and reward. I also have some money in the bank that you will get. and i have 10 days of fasting that you have to pay . And for the deceased, my parents, hold a termination. God, inshallah… give all of you a great reward and patience. I ask all of you, especially my dear father, and my dear brother, solubility.          In the hope of the victory of Islam over global disbelief, your god bliss, Ahmad Nadmi, dated 08/03/1984


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