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Shahid Mohammad Parsa

Mohammad Parsa

Mohammad Parsa

Father's name: Ali Akbar

Date of Birth: ۱۹۵۳/۰۹/۰۶

Place of Birth: Iranshahr

Date of Testimony: ۱۳۶۰/۰۱/۱۲

Place of Martyrdom: Chazabeh

Landfill: Ferdows

Dispatcher Unit: Revolutionary Guards Commander


Biography of Shaheed Mohammad Parsa

Mohammad was born on the 15th day of Shahrivar in 1953 in the holy city of Mashhad. He was still a child who immigrated to Iranshahr because of his father's mission and went to school in this city. The first year of high school returned to Mashhad after his father's death, although financially, the family was under pressure, but god's grace and hope for his blessings made him hopeful.
In the fourth year of high school, Mohammad began his political activities against Pahlavi tyranny, earned his diploma in 1971 and went to Tehran to attend entrance exam classes and was accepted in 1972 in economics at The University of Tehran.
Parsa expanded his activities at the university. In 1976, he earned his bachelor's degree and went to Isfahan to serve the duty system during a 6-month training period, where he was called to SAVAK because of his friend with a member of Mansourun's group, but since among the 700 trained Lisans was the third person, he chose Mashhad to continue his service and SAVAK postponed the interrogation. But he was not awarded a second lieutenant degree, and after a year and a half of service, he was awarded that degree.
After the victory of the Revolution, he first worked in the Committee of Imam Khomeini in Ferdows and then in the Revolutionary Guards and took command of ferdows' army.
Parsa was appointed as the prosecutor's representative after the arrival of Hojjatoleslam Ferdowsi in the city and the establishment of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, and was elected as a representative during the elections of the City Council.
Later, he returned to Mashhad and continued his activities in the Intelligence Unit of the Irgc in District 4. He had a strange passion for being on the battlefield and finally, with great insistence, stepped into the battlefield and, on the first dispatch, Homa Saadat sat on his shoulder.
On February 19, 1982, Parsa received the reward of years of sincere service from God in Chazabeh and became a martyr of the right path at the age of 28.
Mohammad's two other brothers were also martyred during the war years defending the country.

The dream is true.

When he heard that his brother Abdul Razaq had been martyred, he welcomed this divine gift with sa'ada al-sadr and perseverance.
It's been a while since this incident. One day he said, "I've dreamt of white pigeons sitting on the roof of the house. He defined this heavenly dream for Hojjatoleslam Al-Hakimi, and they interpreted that a great good would come to your family, and the great good came to the righteous family. After 'Abd al-Razak, Muhammad and his other brother flew and all three settled next to Divine Mercy.
The martyrdom of Muhammad and his brothers, although the good was great, their parting bear a heavy burden on us.

Narrator: Martyr's wife

Will of Assi servant of God Mohammad Parsa, son of Ali Akbar

Bessam Rab al-Shuhada, Valsadiqin
N Alamut al-Dhi Tafron I Fana Malaqikum Thukkum al-Alam al-Ghayb and al-Shahada,
we have entered the war zone for three days and had not written a will until now. Every day, the sound of mortars and cannons exploding and the roar of machine guns, which are messengers of death and martyrdom, brings me to me that death is near and you have not yet written a will. Today, my inner motivational sunset prompted me to rise up and make a will, and I was thinking that when I performed ablution to perform Maghrib prayers and Asha, my brother Sabouri, the commander of our battalion, announced that tonight the enemy was planning an attack. I thought it was time to make a will. I thought I should have said a lot to say to the survivors and those who have not yet gone this proud way, but I see that I have said things to people before and certainly my voice resonates with their ears. At the moment of death, one cannot think of the world and write from the world, and therefore I have no will other than inviting the unity and recognition of the truth and the right path and taking the path of piety and fear of God and jihad in the way of the complete fulfillment of the right religion and the help of the oppressed and the promotion of good morals.
I ask God to forgive my sinful assi and not to spare me from the infinite sea of mercy. Thank you very much for my mother's compassionate efforts, this brave lion-woman who is based on the mountain and the martyrdom of my brother Reza could not shake her, and I ask her to have god's patience with my testimony and advise others to wait. I truly ask forgiveness for the troubles I have inflicted on them, and I assure them that I will keep my promise as they asked me to do when they said goodbye. I promise that in the event of the great grace of martyrdom, which has been my longing, I will not forget my covenant with God for what is god's destiny.
I ask my wife for forgiveness, and I hope that as the candle of her existence was a warm part of my life and she used the utend to sacrifice and sacrifice in my life, with the patience of Zeinab Vari, in which I know, the movement and continuation of the Islamic Revolution, led by the great and great Imam of the Revolution, will be my soul and the life of Imam Khomeini. Inshallah… That he too forgives me for the errors and lapses I have had and is satisfied with me. I ask my dear sister and my good brothers and my other relatives and all the people who know me to ask for forgiveness for the lapses and errors they have seen from me. Inshallah… !
As I said in the grave of my martyred brother, if we enter the paradise of God's blessings from jihad, they will open the way for themselves to enter God's paradise through patience. In relation to the property I have, my wife will act in any way she deems appropriate, and for her dowry, as much as she owes me to herself, she can provide for the property I have.
I salute my dear Revolutionary Guards brothers, who I have been serving for a while, and I advise them to appreciate the sacred clothing they are wearing and try to gain more competence instead of the right to wear this dress. More than ever, they try to acquire moral and human virtues and enhance their Islamic and school insights and not let the understatement and unaware factors of the depth of realities and superficiality create divisions among them. of the Basij brothers,

I also demand that they never be separated from the Revolutionary Guards and consider themselves soldiers of the Imam of time and the Revolutionary Guards as their commanders, without any wages or sacrifices.

Without the Basij and the Basij, the IRGC will do nothing without the IRGC. I also say goodbye to the other dear brothers of the police and police forces of The Police and Gendarmerie Ferdows, who have been in the holy bastion of protection and protection of the revolution for a while, and I advise them not to separate from the revolutionary forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, and to consider them as their mentors in order to learn the true Islamic ideology and school, and to reciprocate their military experiences to teach them that today our most vital issue is the spirit. It is a unit that has been seen in the body of the Ummah of Islam, and it is the spirit of God that has revived the Muslim world. We must not be separated from the nation and from other popular forces.
Finally, I call on all loved ones to serve Islam and the Islamic Revolution as much as possible, and I recommend to all lovers of the revolution and the pure lovers of God to appreciate their martyrs and not forget the families of the martyrs. Therefore, in order to revive the memory of the dear martyrs of Ferdows region, I expect that the photographs of all the martyrs will be brought to my funeral. Hoping to crush the last survivors of the infidel enemy.
And we have succeeded… Against Tavakol and Elia Maniba and La around the strength of illa… Al-'A'ili al-'Azim.

Woeslam Alikum and Rahmah A… And blessings.

Mohammad Parsa


Mohammad Parsa
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